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MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning History

Families have been turning to MetLife for over 140 years to provide for their financial futures.  The MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning was founded to extend our traditional commitment of public service to families with dependents of any age from infant to seniors with a disability.  MetLife is committed to helping families through the maze of legal and financial complexities surrounding planning for the future of dependents with special needs.  Working with a qualified legal advisor, your Special Needs Planner can help you secure lifetime and quality of life for your dependent with special needs.

What is a Special Needs Planner?

The MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning helps you take steps to provide lifetime quality care that your dependent with special needs requires now, or in the future.

Specialists assist in:
Initiating and developing a special needs plan.
-Differentiating financial and legal issues in special needs planning, including special needs trusts.
-Learning techniques to preserve government benefits eligibility for SSI and Medicaid.
-Creating necessary legal documents.
-Reviewing financial and legal options as child matures and/or enters different life stages.
-Determining lifetime quality care.

Helpful Reminders on How to Make Special Needs Planning Work for You

  • Clearly identify your child's short and long-term needs and set up a plan to meet those needs.  The Letter of Intent is a very useful tool to help families identify important issues.

  • Understand the effects of each financial decision.  Remember all of your financial decisions are interrelated.

  • Review your financial plan periodically - State and Federal laws related to special needs planning change frequently.  Frequent review will be necessary to make certain that your plans for your child are still viable.

Learn more at a seminar

Please visit our "Educational Workshops" page to see a list of upcoming workshops. To request a workshop, please visit our "Schedule a Workshop" page in the drop down menu above.

Our team is committed to helping families with special needs address a challenging aspect of their lives - the long term financial & legal concerns.

We host group workshops to bring the most up to date information on the issues surrounding the financial aspects a family will need to address. 

We offer the opportunity to meet one on one to design your individualized plan.  We will answer questions, like, basic information on government benefits and how to protect them, how much will be needed to ensure a lifetime of care and how to create a source of money to provide for all of this.

As Special Needs Planners, we have taken time to acquire education from the experts in the industry to ensure we are current on the issues unique to your families needs.  We share that knowledge with you when we meet one on one.   We get to know your personal needs and concerns and put together a plan specifically to meet those needs.  No two plans are alike. We also partner with other professionals, (attorneys, CPA's)  to create a team environment that connects all the pieces.

Our mission is to help families plan for the future of dependents with special needs, including preserving government benefits and providing insurance and other financial solutions that can help provide not only lifetime quality care, but also quality of life and providing you peace of mind. 

As one of the first financial services companies to provide a dedicated division of estate planning for special needs families, MetLife's Special Needs Planning division is a four-time consecutive winner of the "National Business & Disability Council's Gold Award of Honor," signifying our consistent leadership in responding to the unique requirements of families with children and other dependents with disabilities.

We bring compassion, personal experience and knowledge to our practice in serving families with dependents that require specialized skill set.  We feel the heart & soul to our practice is being in service to this amazing community of families.  We would be honored to work with you and ensure you have the solutions that work for you. 

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or if you would like more information about a particular product, service, or event. We look forward to helping you. 

                  Critical Issues That Must Be Addressed

  1. Protecting future government benefit eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.
  2. Ways that Special Needs Trusts can provide lifetime care while still preserving government benefit eligibility.
  3. Choice of trustee, guardian, conservator or client self-determination and advocacy training if appropriate.
  4. Appropriate funding vehicles to fund a special needs trust, including life insurance 

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Did You Know?

2.3 million children 6-15 have difficulty doing their school work?*

3.9 million children & adults 15 & over have learning disabilities?*

4 in 10 people age 21-64 with disability are employed & median monthly income $1,577*

Only 21% of caregivers are familiear with steps needed to plan for lifetime of financial assistance for their dependents?*

*Source - Disability and American Families 2010. US Census Bureau report

Can You Answer These Questions?

1) Have you left more than $2,000 to your child with special needs? If so, are you aware that you may have jeopardized your child's government benefits?

2) In the event of your and your spouse's death, can you say with certainty who will provide care for your children and what assets will be available to provide quality of life for them?

3) Have you formally and legally named the next guardian/caregiver for your children in the case you are passed?

4) Do you have a special needs trust set up to provide for your child while preserving their governmental benefits?

5) If you already have a special needs trust, do you understand the taxation of the assets you will leave in the trust?

6) Do you fully understand what benefits are available to your child before and after age 18?

Special Needs Calculator 

(To access Calculator : Hold down the "crtl" key while clicking the link)

Financial issues related to the care of a person with special needs can seem overwhelming. For this reason, it is important to take time with experts as soon as possible to ensure you can provide for your dependent's care tomorrow. Use this Special Needs Calculator to help project the future expenses of an individual with special needs. 

Our team is committed to helping you reach your all of your financial goals, whether it be for Special Needs Planning, Financial Planning, or Retiree Planning.

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